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Books on Tools

Choosing and Using Tools
Andy Rae

The Bandsaw Book
Lonnie Bird

The Handplane Book
Garrett Hack

Making and Mastering Wood Planes
David Finck & James Krenov

Making Traditional Wooden Planes
John M. Whelan

Toolmaking for Woodworkers
Ray Larsen

All photographs and content ©2004 Robert Karl  


Band Saw: Sitting on the Bench Awaiting Examination
Band Saw: I notice the barest evidence of a Craftsman branding
Band Saw: extras in the form of a cacoon and mouse nest
Band Saw: Saw appears to have been run without the lower guide installed
Band Saw: Something dented the remaining guide bearing
Band Saw: Upper case open to reveal a cast iron wheel
Band Saw: Amazingly nothing is frozen in place, not even the table
Band Saw: Detail of Casting
Band Saw: Evidence that this is a King Seeley sold by Sears Roebuck in the form of the model number 103.0103