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Choosing and Using Tools
Andy Rae

The Bandsaw Book
Lonnie Bird

The Handplane Book
Garrett Hack

Making and Mastering Wood Planes
David Finck & James Krenov

Making Traditional Wooden Planes
John M. Whelan

Toolmaking for Woodworkers
Ray Larsen


Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture and Cabinet Construction
Andy Rae

The Complete Dovetail
Ian Kirby


Thomas Moser: Artistry in Wood
Thomas Moser and Brad Lemley

James Krenov: Worker in Wood
James Krenov

With Wakened Hands: Furniture by James Krenov and Students
James Krenov

A Cabinet Maker's Notebook
James Krenov

The Furniture of Sam Maloof
Jeremy Adamson and Sam Maloof

Sam Maloof: Woodworker
Sam Maloof and Jonathan Pollock

The Soul of a Tree
George Nakashima

Nature, Form & Spirit: The Life and Legacy of George Nakashima

Mira Nakashima

The Maker's Hand: American Studio Furniture 1940 - 1990
Curators of Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Furniture by Wendel Castle
Davira S. Taragin

The Custom Furniture Sourcebook: A Guide to 125 Craftsmen
Kerry Pierce

General Woodworking

Understanding Wood
R. Bruce Hoadley

Wood and How to Dry It
Fine Woodworking

Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking Vol. 1 & 2
Tage Frid

Measure Twice Cut Once
Jim Tolpin

Setting Up Shop: The Practical Guide to Setting up Your Dream Shop
Sandor Nagyszalanczy

The Impractical Cabinetmaker
James Krenov

The Nature and Art of Workmanship
David Pye

The Woodwright's Shop
Roy Underhill

Complete Illustrated Guide to Working with Wood
Andy Rae


Furniture by Design: Lessons in Craftsmanship from a Master Woodworker
Graham Blackburn

American Furniture: History, Technique and Structure
Jeffrey P. Greene

Gentleman & Cabinet Maker's Director
Thomas Chippendale

The Fine Art of Cabinet Making
James Krenov

The New Yankee Workshop
Norm Abram


The Workbench
Lon Schleining

The Workbench Book
Scott Landis


Fine Decorative Wood Boxes
Andrew Crawford

400 Wood Boxes
Sterling Publications

Complete Illustrated Guide to Box Making
Doug Stowe

Making Heirloom Boxes
Peter Lloyd

Treasure Chests
Lon Schleining

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Woodworking and Related Bookmarks


National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)


Bob Key's Bench Pages
Brian's Bench Page
Cliff's workbench pages
Danny Bingham's Shaker-inspired workbench
David Savage's narative on building workbenches
Ed Runci's cabinetmakers bench w/ shoulder vice
Garrett Lambert's functional modern bench
Garrett Wade
Jim Shaver's Traditional Shaker workbench
Larry McVoy's bench building odysey
Stephen Andrews’ Sapele Woodwork Bench
Workbench Design Home Page Tips

Book Lists, Magazine Articles, and other Resources

Books for the Connoiseur
Canadian Home Workshop Online - Visit our forum
David Savage's Published Magazine Articles
Fine Woodworking magazine
In the Woodshop: Woodworking with Howard Ruttan
WoodNet Forums: Viewing list of forums - The Woodworker's Online Resource
Woodwork Magazine
Woodworking books furniture plans and videos for woodworkers
Woodworking Magazine - Notes from the Shop


Andrew Crawford - Exquisite fitted boxes
Build a Simple Puzzle Box - Amateur Woodworker
Historical Review of The Medieval Chest
Quagmire Puzzle Boxes - Making Puzzle Boxes
Wow! Super Fine Puzzle Boxes - KAGEN SCHAEFER

Clock and Musicbox works

Selva Shop: Clock Works

Design Resources

designboom - Industrial Design Today


OldTools Archive -- getting started with shellac
The World's Finest Shellac, Information Sheet



Pritam & Eames, The Gallery of Original Furniture
Treadway/Toomey Galleries - December 5, 2004 - 20th Century Art & Design Auction
Treadway - Toomey Auctions_20th century decorative arts
Antiques Leo

Handbook of Texas Online: FURNITURE
The Furniture Society Home


Lee Valley Hardware
Rockler Hardware
Tremont Nail Company 800-842-0560 - Steel Cut Nails for Authentic Restoration Projects and Remodeling
Van Dykes Hardware

Hidden Compartments

Adding a Hidden Compartment to Cubbies
Hidden Drawer in a chest
Hidden Compartment Furniture for Sale
Article on hidden compartments in Antiques
The 10 places to create a hiding space (not all involve woodwork)
18th Century Mahogany Tea Chest Fitted with a Secret Compartment, Circa 1780


Andrew Crawford - Tuition by arrangement
College of the Redwoods fineFURNITURE
David Savage Year-long program:
North Bennet Street School
Rosewood Studio-Instruction in Fine Woodworking
Shinrin Takumi Juku
The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts
The Windsor Institute - Windsor Chair Classes by Mike Dunbar - Hampton, NH
Worcester Center for Crafts - Workshops


Guitar making

Alan Carruth, Luthier
Allen Guitars, Mandlolins, Resophonics & Luthier Supplies - Luthiers Shop Tour
Kathy Wingert Guitars - fine hand-made signature acoustic guitars and custom stringed instruments.
Project :: Guitar
Research in guitar acoustics
Waverly Tuners

Brent Santin on making a Bodhran
Making a Bodhrán and Accessories
Musical Instrument Makers Forum


Home-made Mortise Jig
Jeff Gorman's article on Moorish Dovetails
Many links on How to Hand Cut Dovetails - Alan Foust


Lighting the Shop - WoodCentral
Office Depot - station lighting (Commercial)


Building a 36" Hand Loom (pdf)
Building an Inkle Loom (my narrative)
Handweaving Looms - Schacht Spindle Wolf Pup
How to Build a Frame Loom
Inkle Loom: Lessons Learned / In Use (my narrative)


Galena Village Blacksmith Shop
Metal Characteristics
The Practical Machiniste - Manufacturing Forum

Oseberg/Gokstadt Beds

Wareham Forge plans for Oseburg bed
Marvelous Viking recreation photos including 2 of Gokstadt bed replica (extremely wide page: scrolling may be necessary)
Viking Age Woodworking - furniture includes Gokstadt and Oseberg beds

Project Ideas

Camlock Tripod

Shop Ideas


OldTools Archive -- thread with message 145161

Sites about or by woodworkers

George Nakashima

designboom - biography of george nakashima
Official George Nakashima Web site

James Krenov

Official James Krenov Web site
great pictures in Latest Piece section.
James Krenov gallery at College of the Redwoods Web site

Sam Maloof

A day with Sam Maloof
An American Craftsman | THIS OLD HOUSE
Gallery of Maloof's work at
Online Exhibition of Maloof at University of La Verne
Breakfast with Sam Maloof - interview
Smithsonian online exhibit: includes quotes, pics, video clips
Oceanside Museum of Art - Sam Maloof
Sam Maloof: Soul of the Hardwood
Image of Maloof's front gate

Sites that help market woodworkers

Custom Furniture, Woodworkers and Cabinetshops Custom Made .com
New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association

Blood and Sawdust - Medieval Woodworking
Bucky's Virtual (Galoot) Shop (and tool foundry?)
BugBear's (Galoot) tools and project pages
Carleton Woodworking - Visit the Workshop
Christopher Swingley's (Galoot) Woodworking Pages
Cornish Workshop (Galoot)
Darrell Pert - Greene & Greene style furniture
David J. Marks (Commercial)
ferrazzutti - contemporary furniture: great pictures
George's (Galoot) Basement - George Langford, Sc.D.
Hundreds of Woodworking Links (maybe you'll find it here?) (Galoot)
In the Woodshop: Woodworking with Howard Ruttan (Galoot & Normite)
Great mix of hand and power. Extensive site.
Jeff Gorman (Galoot) - reduced content: what's left is great
John Makepeace (Commercial)
Larry Hepler furnituremaker (commercial)
Many links on How to Hand Cut Dovetails - Alan Foust
Mark Lackley, Furniture Maker (Commercial)
Norse Woodsmith - outstanding (Galoot) site
Old Tools Woodworking: (Galoot)
Peter Lloyd - box maker (commercial)
Peter McBride (Galoot) tools and items of interest
Robert Gasperetti Furniture Maker (Commercial) - (Galoot) projects and wisdom
The Galoot's Progress - Thomas Price (Galoot)
The Jointer's Bench (Galootish)
The Woodbutcher's Shop - (Normite extraordinaire)
Even has a listing of all the tools used in the New Yankee Workshop catalogued by episode and frequency of use.
woodwardwoodworks - Allan Young (Commercial)
Woodwright's Shop: How-To from St. Roy


Bench Tools

Building and using a Mitre Jack
Phil Koontz: makes really nice holdfasts
Traditional Bench Holdfasts -

Carpenter - required tools

Required Tool list for students of a Timber Frame Construction school
Tool list for working stage carpenters

Carving tools

Affordable carving knives and gouges at
Also sells blade only if you prefer to make your own handles.
Scandinavian Woodcarving Knives


About Medieval and Renaissance Lathes
Discussion of Home made wood turning lathes at Musical Instrument Makers Forum
Homemade Wood Lathe
Intro to Wood Lathes
Springpole and Treadle Lathes defined at Woodwright's Shop
The Taig Lathe and Milling Machines (Metal working)


Kroil to loosen frozen metal parts

Kano - Makers of Kroil

Making Tools

Do-It-Yourself Heat Treating: Thoughts from Ron Hock
Filing Saw Teeth - A Primer from
Making a Butt Hinge Mortise Plane
Making a Miniature Emmert Replica
Making Your Own Gravers by W.R. Smith
Wooden Plane Making: step-by-step from College of the Redwoods


Makers and Retailers

Anderson Planes - Fine Handmade Planes
These will make you wish you were a millionaire. I'd like one of each, please.
Darrell Chapnick Plane Classics - german woodworking supplier: hobel (planes)
Knight Toolworks - Home Page
Wooden Planes: Ohio Tool Company - History

Plane Irons

Hock Tools: Blades for Planes and Hand Woodworking Tools
Lie-Nielsen Toolworks | Replacement Plane Blades
Plane Iron Tests: Science or Mental Illness?

Converting a Wooden Smoother to a Compass Plane
Hand Plane basics from Wikipedia
Hobel (Planes) - An impressive collection in Germany
How Old is that Stanley Bench Plane?
Image of Stanley Router No. 71 - All Parts
This is the image that should be linked to the Stanley Tools website when you look at the No. 71. Instead they have accidentally linked to the image of a No. 4.
It's Good for Your Sole - Bugbear's guide to flattening
Making a Butt Hinge Mortise Plane
Merits of the Millers Falls Type 1 Bench Planes
Old Tools discussion of Sole Flattening
Patrick's Blood & Gore - the definitive online list of Stanley planes
Tuning a Handplane - Badger Pond

Power Tools

Old Woodworking Machines - Online resources for classic machinery
Tips on rebuilding a Dewalt radial arm saw

Retail / Resale Tool sites

Ace - Toro Brand Shop: Splitting Wedges: Estwing Sure-Spit Wedge (E-5)
Adria Woodworking Tools - High Quality Hand Tools
Antique & Used Tools - Bob Kaune
Boat Building and Woodworking Supplies - Jamestown Distributors
Bridge City Tool Works, a division of Fine Tools, LLC
Crosscut Saw Company
Diefenbacher Tools Home Page
Dieter Schmid - Fine Tools
Grainger: Industrial Supply, Material Handling Equipment, Tools, Safety Equipment, HVAC, Lighting and More
Highland Hardware - Tools for Woodworking
Hock Handmade Plane Irons, plane blades
Japan Woodworker Catalog - Japanese Tools
Klingspor's Woodworking Shop / Abrasives
Knight Toolworks - Home Page
Lee Valley Tools
McMaster-Carr - Super Hardware Store
Micheal Donnelly - Live Free or Die Auction
Mini Branding Irons
NUPLA Splitting Mauls, Wedges and Axes
Peter McBride tools
Rose Antique Tools old tools and history - Japanese layout and measurement
Shopsmith - Double Bar Clamps
Spehar Toolworks
The, MASTER LEVEL brand contractor and carpenter levels. Hand tools of highest quality
The Yard Store, Vixen Files
Welcome to
Welcome to St. James Bay Tool Co.
WoodJoy Tools, fine woodworking tools
Woodworkers Supply


Bugbear's Shop Made Bowsaw resource page
Building a Stair Saw - Darrell LaRue
Crosscut Saw Company (commercial)
Image of a beutiful bowsaw made with a coping blade
Miter Saw fix
Old Mitre Box discussion on Old Tools list
Sharpening and Grinding service
Woodworker's Supply saws (Commercial)


Boggs Tool & File Sharpening Co. (Commercial)
Sharpening and Grinding service

Tool Chests and Cabinets

Blanket Chest w/ Hidden drawer (sorry, no tools)
Contemporary H.O. Studley style Tool Chest
H. O. Studley - excerpt from Treasure Chests


Restoring A Chisel


Welcome to Gränsfors Bruks
Making an axe handle

Gages and other measurement or markup

OldTools Archive -- message 36724

Reference Resources

A Millers Falls Tools resource
Altes Handwerkzeug (old handtools)
DATAMP - Directory of American Tool and Machinery Patents
Metal Characteristics
Museum of Woodworking Tools - Lobby
OldTools resources edited by George Langford, Sc.D.
The Electronic Neanderthal Woodworker

Manufacturer's Pages

Brown & Sharpe | Driven By Precision
General Tools Manufacturing Leader in Specialty Hand Tools
The L.S. Starrett Company - Quality Precision Innovation... since 1880
Makita Index Page

Eggbeaters and Braces


Radial Arm Saw

Mr. Sawdust Presents "How To Master The Radial Arm Saw"
Overview of rebuilding a Dewalt RAS (pdf)


Gulf Coast Woodturners Association


A start for choosing good wood - OldTools Archive
Downes & Reader Hardwood Co. - Stoughton, MA
greenwoodworking home page
Northland Forest Products
Photo and Description for Woods
Photo reference for exotic woods
Rex Lumber Company - Wholesaler
Riving Wood for 17th Century Joint Furniture
Sawmills Near Boston - Yahoo! Yellow Pages
Woodfinder: Your Source for Lumber, Veneer and Sawmill Services

What is a Galoot? - Wikipedia entry
Woodworking Information at WOODWEB